JOAD Grant Program Continues!

One of our goals for CULLY Archery is to help provide information and know-how on creating and running new archery clubs. It is great news that the Ann Hoyt/Jim Easton JOAD Grant Program is once again, providing funding for equipment and training to JOAD clubs.

“JOAD Clubs have equipment and coach certification needs. We understand the difficulties that clubs have in keeping up with those needs,” explained Diane Watson, USAA JOAD Coordinator. “It’s great news that we have been given the resources to help new and established programs to grow and thrive.”

If you are a new club, or if you are thinking of starting a new archery club, check out this grant program to help you get started. Money isn’t everything, but it does make getting things done easier!

Read more here:
JOAD Grants Announced

– Coach Kevin

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