Problem with the Win&Win Axiom Limbs

One of our parents just ordered a bow for their daughter. They were going off of my recommendation for a recurve bow which can be found by clicking here.

As often is the case, the T-Rex limbs were discontinued and are replaced with another similar model. In this case, with the Axiom limbs for the same price. The problem is that the limbs are of a different specification.

I initially thought that the problem was the distance from locking point to the base of the fork. It is is 2mm longer than the previous limbs and also my Hoyt Stratix limbs.

Axiom Limb (lower) button too short

In reality the problem is the height of the locking button on the ILF limb. On my Hoyt Stratix, the height of the button is 3mm. On the Axiom limb, it is only 2mm. This prevents the limb from sliding fully into the riser socket and locking in properly.

[EDIT] After further investigation, it appears as if the culprit was the width of the ‘U’ shaped fork on the ILF limbs. The width of the fork was too narrow to fit around the post in the socket. By shaving off some of the varnish, the Axiom limbs now fit snugly into the Samick riser.

I tried to do the right thing and call Lancaster Archery to inform them of the issue. I suggested that they pull one of the limbs and try it out with a riser. I figure that’s good business, right? I didn’t get much confidence from our conversation that their technician is going to try out the limbs.

As you can see by examining closely, the Axiom limbs are about 2mm longer than my Hoyt Stratix limbs. Just enough to cause concern. If the limbs were heavy, say over 20lbs, I’d definitely recommend that they be sent back. Don’t be concerned by the length of the ‘sleeve’ but just the distance from the locking bolt to the base of the fork on the limb.

Caveat Emptor.

Axiom limbs compared to Hoyt Stratix

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